Song of Solomon4:4

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Your neck

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is like the tower

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built of stone;

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in rows on it hang

a thousand shields,

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all of them shields of warriors.


Your priorities are

Strong and immovable, with

the excellent reputation of ONE WHO IS GREATLY LOVED;

they are strong by God’s design and well organized; they are a source of great protection,

personal protection.



Neck represents life itself or the most important things of life. (See 1:10 for a full discussion of why I have translated it this way and the use of this imagery.)


Towers were an important part of the wall, serving as key elements in the protection of the city.


The name David is likely more than just an identifier; it is a symbol of an excellent reputation. The name means “loved” and implies someone who is loved in a special or extraordinary way.


“Courses of stone” is a double word picture that points to the ideas of strength and orderliness  or organization. While some other pictures of strength in this song are man-made, the stone is strong, impenetrable and solid because God designed it that way. When we take principles and priorities that God designed to be strong and we organize them properly in our lives they create a multiplying effect of strength. If one stone is strong, many stones cemented together are even stronger. However, placing within that organization of personal priorities a few improper priorities, i.e. a few points of weakness (we could say a few rotting chunks of wood placed in our stone wall), the strength of the entire system may be compromised.


Shields were obviously symbols of protection, as were the soldiers who carried them.