Song of Solomon4:8

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Come with me, my bride,


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come with me from LEBANON.

Look from the crest of AMANA,

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from the top of Senir,

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the summit of HERMON,

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from the lion’s

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and the mountains

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of the leopards.

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Come with me, my dearest, starting out with PURITY and excellence;

come with me starting out with wonderful PURITY.

Let’s gain a perspective on life from refreshing TRUTHS;

from things that are invigorating, from SACRED refreshment,

from strength and refuge,

from power, strength and beauty.



Lebanon meant “white” (due to snow-capped peaks) and was the place of grandeur and majesty. Everything that came from there was “bigger than life.”

Implications for marriage: The imagery here communicates a pure,  grand and splendid condition as the starting point for their relationship. This most likely indicates a proper moral foundation for their relationship. Seeing it as such has more power and impact than an emphasis on economic stability as the foundation for their relationship. The Song deals at times with financial issues but it never treats the material things as the most important aspect of a marriage. The Song also teaches that “starting” in the right way is important.


Amana was a mountain in Lebanon from which flowed waters known for their cool, refreshing qualities. Knowing how to refresh the other, how to meet your spouse’s needs, is an important part of “starting” well. The word means “sure, faithful, truly, and integrity.” It is the word from which we get our English word “amen.”


Senir is the Amorite name for Hermon. Since Hermon is the next word picture in the sentence, this is a double use of the same image. Sources do not agree on what the name Senir meant, so I have not included a meaning in capital letters.


Hermon (Mount Hermon) is the source of very cold, fresh, and clean water.


The lion was a sign of strength.


Dens were for protection and safety.


Mountains were a symbol of strength.


Leopards combined the ideas of strength and beauty.