Song of Solomon5:7

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The watchmen found me as they made their rounds in the city.

They beat me, they bruised me;

they took away my wrap,

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those watchmen

of the walls!

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Those responsible for protection and security found me in that condition as they went about their duties of making the area secure.

They beat me, they bruised me;

they took away my protection, those who were in charge of security in a protected place.



The word means “wrap” and can be used of a veil, or a cloak or anything the people of that day may have wrapped around themselves for protection against dust or the cold. Any way you translate it, the word picture of protection is still the same.

2: "watchmen of the walls"

Those responsible to protect had failed to protect and had become part of the problem. It is very important how we treat people who are vulnerable. Those God has given the charge of protecting others should take it seriously and be careful to not make the vulnerable even more vulnerable.