Song of Solomon8:12

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But my own vineyard

is before me;

the thousand pieces of silver are for you,

O SOLOMON, and two hundred are for those

who tend its fruit.

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But my happiness, prosperity and peace are mine to give.

I will provide you with all the wealth and prosperity (and happiness) you desire, O PEACEFUL ONE, and there will even be some left over to spill over on to others who had a small role to play in producing your prosperity.



This section is a contrast between seeking happiness the world’s way and going against the flow. There is blessing in going against the flow, not doing things the way the world does them. Although the Song refers often to prosperity, the message is that prosperity is a blessing, a result, don’t focus on prosperity, it is the wrong priority. There is also a sense of freedom in not being beholding to anyone, being in full control of one’s “investments”—investments of time and focus.