Song of Solomon8:7

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Many waters

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cannot quench love;

rivers cannot wash it away.

If someone were to offer all the possessions of his house for love, the offer would be utterly despised.

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The abundance of problems or of good things cannot quench love;

there is not enough of anything to wash it away.

If someone were to offer everything he owned in exchange for true love, he would be laughed out of town because there’s no way it would be enough.



Waters (plural) and rivers are both signs of abundance. Here it is most likely the abundance of bad things, but it could be anything.


In verses 5-7 he points out that she has come through times of difficulty by relying on him for support. She points out that she also has the ability to revive him, however, she needs reassurance from him. She understands the tremendous power of love, she just wants to be assured that their love is real. Part of her need for reassurance comes from the fact that love must be genuine, it cannot be artificial (i.e. bought for a price of any kind). Every wife needs reassurance periodically about the strength and vitality of the marriage relationship.