Troublesome Topic: A New Perspective on the Curse of Death

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The curse of sin has always been death. That is partially why we naturally fear death. But for the believer in Jesus, death is no longer something to be dreaded.

Death is a separation. This means there may be hope for a future reunion. Annihilation would leave no room for such hope, but if the proper conditions are met, the spiritual separation from God into which all of us are born can be reversed.

Jesus, who had committed no sin, suffered the full consequence of sin, because that was the only way we could be freed from sin’s consequences. By so doing He transformed the curse into a blessing, for it is through death that we are transported across a type of threshold into a new realm of intimacy with Him. Isn’t it amazing that what has always been a separation becomes a mechanism for reunion for those who believe? Because of sin we have been separated from God but because of salvation, death now becomes the doorway into greater fellowship with our Savior. Our God has an amazing ability to turn negatives into positives, to use bad situations for His benefit. What God has desired all along, closeness with His creation, will be fully realized for believers through the very thing that reminded us how far from Him we have fallen, through death!

That is why Psalm 116:15 says, “Precious in the sight of YHVH (read Adonai) is the death of His saints.”

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