Troublesome Topic: Every Team Has a Captain

Think about sports for a moment. To say that one team member serves as the captain of the team does not change the reality that all are (or should be) equal in value to the team. In every team sport there is a captain; not all can serve as captain, only one. But all are needed, and all are important for the team. Not everyone can play offense, some must play defense. The quarterback in football gets more glory than the linemen, but where would he be without those linemen building a wall in front of him? In sports like soccer, hockey, water polo, lacrosse, etc., those playing offense usually score most of the goals and therefore get most of the glory, but they could not win a tough match without a good defense and a good goalkeeper. The goalkeeper is not usually the captain of the team, nor is he the highest paid player, but if I were to name the single most important individual player on a soccer team it would usually be the goalkeeper. I have played on teams with a weak goalkeeper, and I played on one team with an exceptionally good goalkeeper. I know from experience that the ability of your keeper can make or break your team. He is not the captain because his role is unique, he does not interact with the other players in the same way; but he might be the single most important individual on the team precisely because his role is very different from the others.

This is what many people have missed. The woman was not chosen by God to be the team captain, but her role is extremely important. Who would ever dream of denying that a mother plays a crucial role in raising the next generation? Who would claim that shaping the next generation is not a big deal? Who then can argue that her role is a lesser role just because she is not the captain of the team? It is said that “the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.” How true that is. The ones who are effective at shaping the lives of the next generation are the ones that shape the future.

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