According to Dr. Clarey, 80% of the uplifting of the mountains happened during this last Megasequence, the Tejas, as massive tectonic plates collided, accompanied by many powerful earthquakes.

For example, the Indian plate collided with Asian plate and pushed up the Himalayan mountains during the Tejas Megasequence, while the waters were receding from the earth.

The Andes were raised up when the continent of South America collided with the oceanic Nazca plate, amid much volcanic activity.

The explanation of the Rockies is similar although usually more complex because it must explain why the Rockies are so far inland.

The Alps are thought to have been raised when the African plate collided with the Eurasian plate.

The mountains continued being raised up for a few centuries after the flood (although more slowly) – if you get objects that massive in motion, they don’t stop quickly.

For part of this time when the waters were receding and the mountains were being lifted up, the ark was floating on the water so they did not feel the quakes directly, but they probably did hear them through the hull of their ship. However, the seas were rough and choppy. Being in that boat was not a comfortable ride; it was a way to stay alive.

After the ark settled on Mount Ararat, they directly felt the quakes associated with the pushing up of any mountains within 200 or 300 miles of them.

In this way the Creator God created many true “high places,” places that naturally point to Him. Today mountains are some of the things that amaze us because they are each a testimony of something only the Creator God can do.

Through the high mountains God also demonstrated His amazing ability to bring beauty out of ruin and destruction. He can bring positive results out of any negative situation.

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