Troublesome Topic: Satan Will Attack us from Every Angle at the Same Time

In the sample conversations in the two previous lessons, I have focused on one aspect of Satan’s attacks at a time; I have separated Satan’s messages into categories so we can understand them better. But Satan will use every trick he can against you and do so in quick succession. He will not stick conveniently to one tactic, rather he will pull tools from his tool-box at a head-spinning rate. He will try to get you off balance, doubting yourself, and before you have a chance to figure out what you should do, he will hit you again from another angle. He will be arguing against you about issues of conscience, then switch to your past failures, then to your present pain, then God’s standard and back to something else again.

Be forewarned that when you first try to resist him he will just come at you from another angle. He is like an obnoxious telemarketer; he does not give up. Quoting Scripture is one of several good strategies to use against Satan but be ready for the fact that it might not make him go away altogether. It will silence him for a moment regarding the specific attack you are facing, but He is likely to simply try another tactic, and then another and another. The name of Jesus and the blood of Jesus are other powerful tools which may be successful in causing Satan to leave you alone for a while, but be assured, he will be back.

In summary: Satan’s purpose is to confuse, paralyze and deceive; God invites us to “come.”

The next lesson is God Does Not Play Twisty with Satan