Troublesome Topic: The Covenant Has Been Violated

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When we read the prophets, we begin to notice some of the same emphases resurfacing time and again. Most of them are directly related to the covenant relationship of God and His people.

It is obvious from reading the prophets that God came to a point where He considered the covenant relationship that He had so graciously established with His people a broken relationship and a violated covenant. His patience in setting aside offense after offense, rebellion upon repeated rebellion, is an amazing thing to consider. But the point of no return did finally come, and it was the prophet’s task to communicate its arrival with the corresponding consequences.

Jeremiah 11:7


For I solemnly warned, I exhorted your forefathers in the day I brought them out of the land of EGYPT and until this day, I started early and I repeated my warning often, saying “Obey my voice!”


For I severely warned, yes, I repeatedly exhorted your forefathers in the day I brought them out of THE LAND THAT IS BOUND BY SIN and continued until now; indeed I started way back then and I have continually repeated my warning, saying, “Obey what I have told you or you will regret it!”

Jeremiah 11:8


And yet they did not obey, neither did they turn their ear but each one followed the stubbornness of his evil heart, therefore I will bring upon them all the words

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of this covenant which I commanded them to do but which they have not.


Despite my warnings, they did not obey, they didn’t even turn their heads to listen, instead each one followed the stubborn inclinations of his evil heart, that is why I will bring on them all the curses with which this covenant was inaugurated when I commanded them to follow it, but which they have not followed.

Jeremiah 11:10


They have turned back to the perversity of their fathers who refused to hear my words, and they have walked behind

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other gods to serve them; the house of ISRAEL and the house of JUDAH have broken my covenant which I made with their fathers.


They have returned to the depravity of their ancestors who refused to follow my instructions; instead they have lived according to the lifestyle of other gods and done whatever was required by them; the people who SHOULD NEVER LET GO OF GOD and the people who SHOULD ALWAYS PRACTICE PRAISE AND CELEBRATION have invalidated my covenant, the one I established with their ancestors.

Jeremiah 11:11


Therefore, YHVH (read Adonai) says this: Look! I will surely bring on them calamity which they will not have the power to escape; though they cry out to me, I will not listen to them.


Therefore, this is what THE ETERNAL AND PERSONAL GOD says: I will definitely bring on them an inescapable calamity; even though they pray to me for relief or rescue, I will not listen to them because that opportunity has passed.

The message of the prophets was undeniably clear – the covenant had been completely violated and rendered invalid; in His patience and mercy God had given them plenty of time to repent. Now it was time for judgment!

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The “words” of the covenant could refer to the conditions of the covenant or to the blessings and curses of the covenant. Context had to be used to show the reader which one was meant. In this case, the curses of the covenant are clearly in view.


What I have rendered as “walked” can mean “go, come, walk, live, move, depart, go away, or proceed.