Troublesome Topic: The Holy Spirit Says “Come”

In the midst of all of the situations of life, God’s voice is persistently, but quietly saying “come.”

If we are lonely, He says “Come.”

If we are guilty, He says “Come.”

If we are weak, He says “Come.”

If we are afraid, He says “Come.”

If we are confused, He says “Come.”

No matter what our situation, God’s voice says “Come.”

Here is an example of being tempted to do something wrong with the voice of the Holy Spirit added in this time:

SATAN:                      Hey, how about this, that would be cool.

CONSCIENCE:                      No, that’s not right.

SATAN:                      It might be OK in some situations.

THE HOLY SPIRIT:   Come to me for the standard.

SATAN:                      That’s a bunch of garbage. You’re a modern man, not an ancient nomad.


SATAN:                      Hey, everyone is doing it, so no one will notice one more.

THE HOLY SPIRIT:  Stay focused on me.

SATAN:                      But look at what it could do for you. Com’on, live a little.


SATAN:                      You can’t always say “no,” that’s too much sacrifice. Might as well go for it now. Why waste time? You know you want it.


The conscience does not argue with Satan, nor does it analyze Satan’s statements for faulty logic. Likewise, the Holy Spirit does not argue with the enemy, he just invites us to come closer.

Here is another example of Satan beating up on us after we have done something wrong.

We do something we shouldn’t:

CONSCIENCE:          Wait a minute, that wasn’t right.

SATAN:                      Ya, you blew it this time.

THE HOLY SPIRIT:   Come, we’ll fix it.

SATAN:                      You always get it wrong.  You’ll never be able to do anything right.

THE HOLY SPIRIT:   Just come to me.

SATAN:                      How can you call yourself a Christian and act like that.

THE HOLY SPIRIT:   Come, I will help you.

SATAN:                      You should stop calling yourself a Christian because you’re not.  You’re just a big, bad sinner, and you always will be.

THE HOLY SPIRIT:        Come.

God’s answer to all our situations is the same, “Come.”

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