Troublesome Topic: Why Did They Try to Cover Up?

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In my opinion, the shame they experienced grew from the knowledge of some important facts. They did not suddenly sense a strange, random feeling and wonder where it came from. Their response (covering up) shows that their shame was connected to something specific.

Why cover the reproductive organs?

We are not told how much they tried to cover up, but it is usually assumed, and I agree, that they only tried to cover up their reproductive organs. Why was there suddenly shame associated with reproduction when there had not been any before?

The answer has to do with the two options open to them. They could single-mindedly pursue answers to the questions: “What would it feel like to be in a strong, intimate relationship with the Creator? Is there no limit to how close we can get to Him? What will the benefits of such a relationship be like?”

But they also had the option of learning what it is like to feel the consequences of sin. Instead of seeking to please God they can seek to satisfy self and suffer the consequences of doing so. They could focus on finding the answers to such questions as: “What can I get away with? What will separation from God feel like? Will it be as bad as He made it sound?”

I believe that when God walked and talked with them in the garden, it was in the person of Jesus. During those times He talked to them about the future and told them they would pass on to their children their basic traits, who they were and what was important to them. Their inclinations and tendencies would get passed on to their children.

That is the reason their shame was connected to their reproductive organs – they knew they would now pass on to their offspring the tendencies they had demonstrated in their act of sin. They were ashamed to know that not only had they chosen the worst option, but now their children would be inclined to choose it too.

How does this apply to us?

Just like Adam and Eve, we can ask, “What would it be like to really get to know God and live super close to Him?” or we can ask, “What would it be like to reject God and do what I want to do? How bad can this separation thing be?”

Far too many people take upon themselves, by their own choices, the negative consequences of sin. They choose to learn what sin brings by stepping into sin, when they could choose to learn what being close to God brings by entering into a relationship with Him.

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