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Therefore, accordingly, its name is called BABEL, for there YHVH (read Adonai) confounded the language of all the earth and from there YHVH (read Adonai) scattered [them] over the face of the earth.


Therefore, based on this, the place is called CONFUSED, for in that place THE ETERNAL AND PERSONAL GOD confused the languages of everyone on earth and sent them away from each other to occupy the entire world.

The Meaning of Babel

The name Babel means “to confound.” It comes from the word meaning “to mix or to mingle” and was usually used of mixing wines. When not speaking of wine, “to confound” is a good rendering. The name Babylon, came from this same word, thus the Jews referred to Babylon as the place of confusion. However, in the languages of Mesopotamia, it meant, “gateway of the gods,” which is appropriate due to the attempt on the part of Nimrod at Shinar to build the greatest access point to the gods (high place) ever conceived.