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And the waters strengthened [themselves] exceedingly exceedingly

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on the earth and covered all the proud and exalted hills

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which [are] under all the heavens.


and the waters were undeterred as they continued gaining more and more strength until they covered all the frequently admired high places which God had made.


1: "exceedingly, exceedingly":

This word can mean “exceedingly, abundantly, muchness, or more.” This phrase with the double use of the same word is often rendered in English as “more exceedingly,” or “exceedingly more.” But I wanted you to see that the Hebrew text uses the same word twice in a row for emphasis, even though it sounds strange to say it that way in English.

2: "proud and exalted hills":

This word can mean “hill or mount.” We would call them hills or low mountains, for the tall mountains had not yet been lifted up. The fact that this noun is described by the adjective “proud, exalted, or high” tells us that this is referring to the highest hills at that time.