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10 For the one who has entered into His rest also rests

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from his work just as God rested from His own work.


So, the one who has entered into the fullness God offers does what He has seen God do by learning to rest, to connect, to commune, to cease from vain striving and thus he follows the example God showed us from the beginning.


1: “also rests”

The point here is that the person who has entered into what God has to offer has done what God did, and is doing what God is doing – he has learned to rest, to connect to cease from vain striving. The verb form used here is one of the past tenses, which seems strange to us. But I think the type of action being pointed to is not bound by time. He has done and is doing what God does – he rests. I have rendered it as “rests” because it flows better in English.