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Therefore, we should urgently exert ourselves

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to enter into that rest, so that no one fall

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by [following] the same example of disobedience.

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Therefore, with great effort and urgency we should strive to entre into God’s fullness, so that no one meets disaster by practicing the same sort of disobedience that our forefathers did in the Old Testament.


1: “urgently exert ourselves”

This verb has “speed” at the core of its meaning, hence it means things like, “with great speed, speedily, with urgency, exert great effort, be diligent, endeavor with haste, hasten, etc.”


What “fall” means is not made clear, but it is obviously something very bad. It implies punishment, destruction, and personal ruin, and when God is the one delivering such things “it ain’t gonna be pretty.”


The disobedience being spoken of is likewise assumed, not clarified. But the reader should know that it involved at least the following: Their disbelief and disobedience in the desert for which they were punished for 40 years, how once they got in the promised land they did not follow God but quickly turned to idol worship, how they refused God’s many overtures toward them and spurned His longsuffering patience.