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For the law brought nothing to completion,

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but the powerful ushering in

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of a better hope by which we draw near to THEOS, [does].


For the system of the law did not finish [what it started regarding the role priests play in conducting people to God], but something was brought in with power to replace that old system, something that fulfills excellent expectations and conduces us close to THE CREATOR AND OWNER OF ALL THINGS. [It fulfills what the former system started but could not finish.]



This verb means “to complete, to bring to completion, to accomplish, to bring to an end, to finish.” It is also rendered “perfect” in many English versions, but I think that modern English has a different meaning for “perfect” than what was intended by the Greek word in question.


“powerful ushering in”: The word in this verse comes from a preposition which, among other things, means “over or super” and a noun which means to “bring into.” You can pull something in from the inside, or insert/”usher in” something from the outside; it can go either direction. Here insert/”usher in” is the intended meaning, but it is a more powerful and important “ushering in” than usual.