1 Corinthians12:4

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There are distinctions

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of grace endowments,

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but the self-same Spirit;


Many different gifts involving the operation of divine favor have been distributed to believers, but all of them were given by the same Holy Spirit; He is not divided.



This word means “division, a distinction or a difference.” In English it is usually singular but the Greek uses a plural form here which sounds strange in English. This is a compound word coming from the preposition “through” and the verb “to reach across.” The online Helps Word-studies says this is “properly, God’s choice to give sovereign endowments of grace to His people so they can reach out (“across“) to others, as His hand extended.”


The word “gifts” is a rich word carrying several layers of meaning. It comes from the root word “grace” but here grace is referring to endowments that God graciously, and undeservedly gives believers. However, this word has an ending which points to the final result of that endowment, i.e. it describes the operation of grace or divine favor intended to edify others and serve the church. It comes to believers as a miraculous faculty or ability which cannot be used to gratify or magnify self.