1 Corinthians13:4

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Sacrificial love perseveres,

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it is kind, sacrificial love does not boil with envy,

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sacrificial love does not brag about self, it is not inflated.


Sacrificial love does not get angry for personal reasons, it is full of benevolent acts of service, sacrificial love is not moved by a strong desire to satisfy self by getting what others have, sacrificial love does not show off, it is not arrogant.


1: “perseveres”:

The Greek word used here can mean “to persevere, be long-suffering, to go a long time and not retaliate in anger, to be patient.” The emphasis is more accurately expressed in English with the word “persevere” than “be patient.” But it also has a great deal to do with refusing to get angry for personal reasons.

2: “to boil with envy”:

This word means to “boil, to be heated,” and it also came be mean “to be jealous, to envy.” It is the Greek word from which we get out word “zeal or zealous,” but in meaning it is more closely associated with being jealous or envious, i.e. being zealous for the personal gain only.