1 Corinthians13:5

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It does not lack proper form,

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it does not seek the [things] of itself, it is not jabbed by something sharp,

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it does not keep account of wrongs;


It does not act indecently, it is not focused on satisfying self, it is not provoked to anger, it does not keep track of wrongs do to it;


1: “lack proper form”:

This word has be root idea of “shape or form,” but is has a negative particle affixed at the beginning of it making it the opposite – “to lack proper form or shape.” It is centered on outward appearance. But figuratively it means “to act in a way that is improper, indecent, unbecoming, unseemly.”


This word means “to sharpen or to be sharp,” but here it is used in the middle or passive voice indicating that this has been done to it, thus “it is poked or jabbed by something sharp” with the word “not” coming before it. The figurative meaning of “provoked to a strong emotion, usually that of anger” is more common than the literal meaning. I use the literal meaning in the translation to show you the word-picture, then I use the figurative sense in the paraphrase to show you the meaning. The word picture of being poked by a sharp object adds power to the figurative meaning of being “provoked.” Notice that the adverb “easily” is not in the text; it has been added because some translators think it is too high a bar to expect someone to never be provoked to anger, yet that is what this passage says – “not provoked.”