1 Corinthians14:19

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But in the gathering of the called-out-ones

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I desire to speak five words with my mind so as to make sound go down into the ears

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of others, rather than ten thousand words in an unknown tongue.


But, in contrast to what you are doing, when I am in a meeting of the church, I would rather be offered the opportunity of instructing others by saying only five words which make sense to them because my mind is fully engaged with my tongue, than to speak an unending stream of meaningless words the way you do. My five words will teach them something important; your many words will not help others at all.


1: “the gathering of the called-out-ones”:

The word for church meant “called out, assembled, gathered.” We are the church if we have heard the call of God and responded by doing many things, one of which is to gather or assemble with other believers whose hearts share our passion for Christ.


This is the word for “instruct or teach.” You teach by making sound go down into someone’s ears so it can impact his mind.