1 Corinthians14:20

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Brothers, do not be children

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in [your] diaphrams.

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Instead, in evil be infants,

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but in the diaphragm, come into being.


Now brothers, take a good look at what you are doing and stop being so immature in your capacity for perception and proper judgment. Instead, you should seek to have no experiential knowledge of evil, but in your hearts and minds act like adults when it comes to the issue of tongues.


1: "children"

This is the word from which we get our word “pediatric.” It means “children.”

2: "diaphragm"

This word’s basic meaning is “diaphragm” but from there they got the concepts of “midsection, heart, emotions, the cognitive faculties such as the mind, understanding, perception and judgment.”


This is the word for “infant.” It was also used to communicate being “innocent, uninformed, unlearned, simple-minded.” It is a good thing to be “unlearned” when it comes to evil.

Remember What Paul Said in Chapter 13,

“when I became a man and reaped the consequences of becoming one, I brought the childish things to a motionless state” (I Cor 13:11). Some of the believers in Corinth had failed to grow up. The way Paul chides them makes us think that they knew better, but they chose the childish, self-centered way of doing things anyway.