1 Corinthians5:1

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Sexual immorality

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is completely

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heard among you, and such sexual immorality as not _______ even among the nations,

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so that one has his father’s wife.


Sexual immorality is actually reported among you, and it is a type of immorality that is not even found among the Gentiles, specifically that a man has sex with his step-mother.



This is the Greek word from which we get our word “porno____,” such as “pornography and pornographic”. It could refer to almost any kind of sexual immorality. Usually, the context must determine what type of sexual immorality is in view, but in this case, Paul spells it out clearly.


This word is an adverb that comes from the word “whole” and usually means “wholly, completely, entirely, altogether.” It can also be used to convey the ideas of “commonly, utterly, actually, really.”


We get our English word “ethnic” from this Greek word. It meant “nations,” but it was used by the Jews to indicate “the Gentiles.”