1 Corinthians5:2

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Yet you are puffed up

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and have not rather

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mourned, so that the one who has done this deed might be removed from your midst.


Yet you are proud [of yourselves,] instead of being grieved as you ought to be; you should have been so grieved by this as to expel the perpetrator from your fellowship.



It is not hard to see how the phrase “puffed up” can also mean “proud, arrogant.”


This word means “more” and by implication, “so much more that you should have preferred this one.” It points to “one preference above another,” and is thus rendered “rather, or instead.”

The text does not tell us what they were proud of

Were they proud of the man’s immorality? Not likely. Were they proud of their open and accepting spirit? Probably so. Were they also proud of their own spiritual condition which they measured in some way that did not include upholding the moral standard of God? That is also probable. The reason for this spiritual pride might be connected to speaking in tongues (see my comments after I Cor 14:36).