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But you turned away and treated my name

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as something common; every one of you brought back

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his male and female slaves whom you had sent away free to do what they desired, you brought them back into bondage to be your male slaves and female slaves.


But then you changed your minds; you dishonored and defiled my name; every one of you enslaved once again your male and female slaves, yes, the very ones you had previously set free to go and do what they wished; you subjected them to bondage again so they could be your male and female slaves.



The reason this is mentioned is that they had made their covenant in God’s presence, in His special place (the temple) and using God’s name which assumed they would follow His will. When they did not follow His will, He took it as an offense because of the prior use of His name.


This word “brought back” is a slightly different form of the word that appears at the beginning of this verse (rendered “turned away”) and at the beginning of the previous verse (rendered “turned back or repented”).