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Therefore, YHVH (read Adonai) says this: You have not obeyed me by having everyone proclaim freedom

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to his brother or to his neighbor. Look!  I proclaim to you that there is freedom, says YHVH (read Adonai), freedom for the sword, for diseases and for famine; I will deliver you to trembling in all the kingdoms of the earth.


Therefore, this is what THE ETERNAL AND PERSONAL GOD says: Since you have not obeyed me; since you did not have everyone actually grant freedom to those like him and to his fellow countrymen, watch this, since you want freedom, I declare to you, says THE ETERNAL AND PERSONAL GOD, that there will be actual freedom, yes, I will grant freedom to the sword and to diseases and to famine to come upon you without holding them back! You want me to deliver you, OK, I will deliver you, yes, I will deliver you over to horrible situations in countries far from here that will make you tremble in fear just to think about them.



The implication here is that declaring someone to be free must be followed by action, i.e. granting them their freedom, and then allowing them to remain free.