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for He has looked upon the lowly condition

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of his slave. Behold,

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from now on all generations will indeed call me blessed,

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for on me, His servant, He has fixed his attention and been moved to show favor because I am poor and helpless. You are right, from now on, all generations will indeed call me blessed,


1: “lowly condition”

She does not feel worthy in any way of this honor. She is a “nobody” socially, and economically; religiously she is just like any other good Jewess. She knows she was chosen simply because of God’s favor.


Usually “behold” is a way to tell the other person to pay attention because what comes next is important. But in this case Elizabeth has already said something similar to this to Mary, so she already gets it. That is why, in the paraphrase column, I have repackaged it as a statement of strong agreement, instead of its normal idea of amazement.


See the in-text comment after verse 50 for the full meaning of the word “blessed.”