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And all those who heard placed all these things

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in their hearts

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saying, “What kind of child will this be?” For the hand of the LORD was with him.


Then everyone who heard about it made this information readily available for continued consideration in a special place in their minds. And they asked themselves and each other, “What do you think this child will become?” For it was obvious that he was not normal because the hand of THE SUPREME RULER was upon him.



This verb means “to place, to set, to establish, to put in a fixed place.” The central concept seems to be that of establishing with permanence and solidity. The paraphrase column explains how this relates to information in our minds.

2: “hearts”

The idea behind this word is that of “inner being.” It can mean “heart, mind, or inner man,” and also “inner character.” In the translation column I have used the word “hearts” to indicate that this is the Greek word from which we get such English words as “cardiac, cardio,” etc. Since it seems to have to do with the thinking process, I use the word “mind” in the paraphrase column.