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a light for the unveiling

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of the Gentiles

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and the glory

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of your people ISRAEL.”


it is a light which will remove the veil that is blinding the Gentiles and it will make your people, THOSE WHO ARE TENACIOUS AND PERSISTENT IN SHOWING GOD HOW SERIOUS THEY ARE ABOUT HOLDING ON TO GOD IN ORDER TO RECEIVE WHAT GOD HAS ALREADY PROMISED look good.”


1: “for the unveiling”

This Greek word is usually translated “revelation,” and is the source of our English word “apocalypse.” That presents a problem, but only because we have twisted the word apocalyptic and used it as if it means something terrible, something life-threatening. The word does not mean those things; it means to “reveal, to uncover, or unveil.” In the usage found in this verse the Gentiles will have their eyes uncovered so they can understand God’s plan, God’s love, and God’s mercy.

2: “the Gentiles”

This is the Greek word from which we get our words “ethnic, and ethnicity.” It simply means “nations.” But the Jews used it to indicate all people groups distinct from themselves. It was usually used as a negative, “us and them.” The Jews felt they were the only ones God had chosen. This was not the message of God to them in the Old Testament, but they had misunderstood the message and interpreted it in a self-centered way. Simeon understood that God’s intent was to bring the offer of salvation to all people, from all nations.


How is it the glory of the people of Israel? How does it make them look good? What God had sent them in that cute little package would make the people of Israel look good only if they accepted the way God wanted to do things, and humbled themselves to obediently follow God’s plan.