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is deceitful

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and beauty is like a vapor,

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but a woman who fears YHVH, she will shine.

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A woman who turns on the charm to get what she wants should not be trusted, and one who puts a high priority on physical beauty will be disappointed because it won’t last.  But a woman who shows proper reverence and obedience to THE ETERNAL AND PERSONAL GOD will be praised.


1: “Elegance”

This word usually means “favor” or “something gracious, pleasant or precious.” Here it is used in reference to a woman’s physical beauty, so “elegance” is a good way to render it. It is the equivalent of the word “beauty” in the next clause.


This is a very strong word meaning not only “deception” but also things that are “ false, fraudulent, wrong or injurious.”

3: “Like a vapor”

The primary meaning of this word is “vapor or breath.” It is the same word that is used numerous times in Ecclesiastes where it can mean a variety of things. Here it points only to the idea of things that are short lived.


The word for “praise” has the root meaning of “shine or cause to shine.”