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Then you will be pleased with righteous sacrifices, with offerings that are completely burned up. Then they will sacrifice bulls on your altar.


After you do that you will be pleased with the right sacrifice for situations like mine, one that is completely consumed for you. At that time the most expensive type of sacrifice will be offered to You.

David Knew Something Better Was Coming

Not only did David know that the sacrificial system had no sacrifice for willful sinning, he realized that this would change some day. Notice the use of future verbs in verse 19. He was convinced that one day there would be “righteous sacrifices” which would atone for all types of sins. He did not know what that sacrifice would look like, but he knew it would come.

David deserved to die, but even the cases of sexual sin where a person would not receive the death penalty are instructive here. Unless a restitution payment needed to be paid, when a person committed one of the sexual sins that did not bring the death sentence, there was no command to offer a sacrifice for atonement. I think none was mentioned because no such sacrifice was available!