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so it opened its mouth in order to speak blasphemies against GOD,

against His name

and His tabernacle, that is, those who tabernacle in heaven.


so it opened its mouth in order to speak blasphemies against THE CREATOR AND OWNER OF ALL THINGS, against His name and the method He uses to meet with mankind, that is, those who continually live in God’s presence and enjoy intimate communion with Him.

“Those Who Tabernacle In Heaven”

The Greek word for “tabernacle” was understood by other Greek-speaking nations as simply “to dwell in a tent,” or “to encamp.” But a noun form of that same word was used by the Jews to indicate God’s tabernacle in the Former Covenant. Therefore, any time this word was used in the New Testament, the original readers would ask themselves if it could possibly be referring to the tabernacle of God. The answer was always “yes;” each of its uses in the NT means much more than an ordinary tent.

To “live” in God’s tabernacle means to constantly remain in close fellowship with God, enjoying intimate communion with Him. When His tabernacle is described as being “in heaven” it means that our life is more about heaven than it is about this world.

Satan’s attack is not against a physical place but against the people of God, for He dwells in the hearts, minds and lives of people. That is made obvious by the text when it clarifies that God’s dwelling place is people. When it says that they are the people who “tabernacle (or set up their tents) in heaven” it means that they have chosen to commune with God in His way, not some man-made way that looks religious but is hollow and futile. Having made that choice, these people have anchored their souls in heaven, and have chosen heaven as their citizenship Philippians 3:20, meaning that they no longer belong to this earth but are just passing through on their way to their true home.