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The first “woe” has departed, behold, there are still two “woes” coming after this.


The first “dire warning” has come and gone, but watch out, there are still two “dire warnings” coming after this.

The First “Woe”

The three woes that are proclaimed refer to the difficulties mankind has faced and will face in the course of all human history. This first woe is an indication that since the fall of Lucifer from heaven and the fall of man into sin, one of the difficulties we face is that we have an enemy who is powerful and is well equipped to cause us much spiritual harm. We cannot afford to take Satan lightly or convince ourselves he doesn’t exist. Although his power is limited, he is a serious threat to our spiritual and emotional wellbeing.

The second woe is the sixth trumpet, the narration of which starts in Revelation 9:13 and is carried through to Revelation 11:14; the third woe, or the seventh trumpet, begins in Revelation 11:15 and is carried through till Revelation 14:20. I will explain these woes in broad terms at the end of their respective sections.