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The sixth angel

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sounded his trumpet and

I heard a voice

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coming from

the four horns

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of the golden


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is before GOD;


The sixth messenger presented his message of warning in which was revealed

all the power that is pure and acceptable and connects us to God,

and to the presence of THE CREATOR AND OWNER OF ALL THINGS;



The narration of the sixth trumpet actually goes through 11:14 but for the sake of helping the reader find things more easily I have placed headings at relatively close intervals, a decision which has caused the message of this trumpet blast to be interrupted by two other “scenes.” The vision John received often has these types of interruptions.

2: “a voice coming from the four horns”

Don’t get hung up on little things: This is one of the instances in Revelation in which a voice comes from an inanimate object. But we should not over-analyze these things; they are word pictures which represent something deeper.


“Horns” were usually seen as a sign of power and strength.


The altar is where we connect with God. This is the altar of incense, which stands for one’s entire life, with prayer being an important part of that. The prayers of the saints for justice will finally be answered, their entire lives standing as condemnation for those who were rebellious against God. The power to connect with God and live as God desires is available to all; those who have not availed themselves of it will be punished, some at this point in the vision as a warning to others, and others later.