Song of Solomon5:14

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His hands

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are hinges

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of gold set with chrysolite.

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His internal organs

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are like polished ivory,

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decorated with sapphires.

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He uses his abilities to guide what is most valuable;

he uses his abilities with class.

His capacity to feel compassion is hard to come by;

it is brilliant and classy.



This word is usually translated “hand,” although on rare occasions it can refer to the arm.

2: "hinges”

The word used here means something that “turns or folds.” It is used elsewhere of the hinge of a door that turns. One could call it a “ring,” but that would bring to mind something we wear on our finger, which is not the right idea. It is more than a “hinge,” but “hinge” may be the best option for us in English.


Chrysolite, like other jewels, was a sign of wealth, class and style.

4: "internal organs"

This word refers to one’s “middle,” usually the “internal organs” of one’s midsection.

Re: the imagery: The ancients thought of this as the seat of one’s emotions because of how our stomachs tighten up when we are afraid or nervous.


Ivory was hard to come by.


Sapphires were also a sign of wealth and class.