Song of Solomon5:15

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His legs

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are pillars

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of marble

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set on bases of gold.

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His appearance is like LEBANON, choice as its cedars.

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His foundations are strong

and rare,

they are solid and pure.

His appearance is PURE and grand, with a raw beauty, he is strong, and grand.



Legs served as someone’s foundation.


Pillars had several uses but the one that fits best here is the strength needed to support something like a roof.

3: “marble”

This word means something that is high quality and is usually white or blue; it is something laid down as a covering, such as a way to cover the body, or as a pavement is laid down to cover the dirt. The word is most often translated “linen.”  “Marble” is an option because it is blueish white and is laid down as a covering over wood or some other substance, becoming the outermost layer that people see.

Re: the imagery: Marble is rare, hard to obtain.


The word for gold used here is the one that means “pure.”


Cedars were known to be strong, grand, stately, and majestic.