Song of Solomon7:7

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Your stature is likened to that of the palm,

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and your breasts

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to clusters

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of fruit.


You are full of uprightness and integrity, your nurturing overflows abundantly.


1: "Palm"

The people of Bible times used the sap, the fruit, the seeds and the leaves of the palm tree. The psalmist used the palm as a symbol of the prosperity of the godly. It has a long tap root allowing it to grow and stay green all year round even in desert conditions. It was therefore a symbol of constancy, patience, uprightness and prosperity, and also of victory. Here the focus seems to be that it holds itself erect, which is the meaning of the word it comes from, therefore it serves as a symbol of uprightness.

2: "breasts"

Is this section sexually explicit? At first glance this appears to be one of the most sexually charged statements of the Song, but in reality the images used here have very little to do with sex, rather, they point to issues of the heart—the spiritual and moral foundation of a person’s character.


A cluster was a multiplying of whatever was in question, in this case fruit.