Troublesome Topic: KEY #7 Interpret the Symbols as the Original Audience Did

There is a great deal of symbolism in Scripture, especially in books like Revelation and Song of Solomon. You will notice that the books of the Bible that include the most symbolism are among the most confusing books of the Bible for us today. This should be a huge indicator that we have not done a good job of understanding the symbolism of ancient times.

While we all agree that Revelation contains much symbolism, we don’t agree on how to interpret it. Yet this is the biggest key of them all when it comes to Revelation. If we understand the symbolism correctly, we will understand the whole book correctly, because most of it is symbolism.

The majority of the rest of this study on Revelation is dedicated to explaining and demonstrating how we should interpret the symbolism found in it. I think you will agree that seeing the symbolism as the original audience was likely to have seen it will open new windows of understanding that will challenge and encourage you—as it was intended to do.

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